From Around the Web

From Around the Web

Summer sure has flown by! Here are some interesting links to keep you in the spirit of summer but also prep for school. 

1. Some great ideas for your children's lunches come September. 

2. Tips to enjoy summer fruit without eating too much sugar. 

3. How stress controls our sweet cravings. 

4. A guide to some hard-to-pronouce added ingredients in your food? Are they good or bad?

5. Strawberry cashew milk! Do this while the strawberries are still good. You could even make them into popsicles. 

6. Suffer from PMS? Its never a good time in the summer! Here are some natural remedies to fight it.

7. Take a break this summer. Studies show long working hours do not lead to more productivity.  

8. Finally, a great resource to get back on track with your weight and diet after indulging this summer.

In health & happiness,

Dr. Karen

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From Around the Web

Some goodies from around the web this month. Happy Canada Day!

1. Some guided meditation for children who are suffering from anxiety and stress. 

2. Grass fed milk and cheese straight from the valley - you can get this at numerous places around the city. 

3. My good friends Dr. Adrienne Wood's newest go to gluten-free website. I'll be checking this one out this month. 

4. Things to avoid when eating in restaurants according to Anthony Bourdain. 

5. Keep your eyes peeled for these interesting edibles at your local farmers market. 

6. Mighty coconut oil - how do you use it? 

7. A great way to jump start eating healthy and try some superfoods this July, by holistic nutritionist Stephanie McWilliams, RD and Emily Bush.

8. Simple steps to relieve chronic pain according to Aviva Romm, MD. 

9. Organic, clean, natural beauty products locally made by the Woods Witch. 

In health & happiness, 

Dr. Karen

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From Around the Web

1. For the foodies in the HRM - many options to enjoy great local food!

2. A step in the right direction in terms of research for Naturopathic Medicine.

3. Phytoplankton - the newest superfood? Let me know what you think.

4. Stuck in a weight rut with hypothyroidism? Read this blog post for help. (Good tips for w eight loss in general.)

5. Craving vegetable coconut curry? Look no further. 

6. Why I always stress the important of sleep - check out this infographic

7. Dreaming of summer...this recipe gets me more excited!

8. Struggling with "IBS"? It might be more than that. This is a great article written about SIBO by my colleague and friend. 

9. An intro to chakras and how to balance them with yoga.   

In health & happiness,

Dr. Karen

From Around the Web

1. Simple buckwheat bread. Gluten free, simple to make and so delicious!

2. Cauliflower "fried rice." My weekend meal prep?

3. A great listen about being "busy.

4. Naturopathic Medicine Week Events - May 11th-17th.

5. Dietary cholesterol - not something to worry about. Guidelines finally following the research.

6. Soy and breast cancer - Why soy is actually beneficial in breast cancer.

7. My new favourite smoothie - The Love Smoothie.

8. Can you get enough calcium in a dairy-free diet? Yes!

9. Finally...a few ideas for mom for Mothers Day (something a little different :))

In health & happiness,

Dr. Karen