Initial visit

The first visit typically lasts 60 minutes and involves numerous questions aimed at creating a detailed picture of your health history. It’s a good idea to bring any lab results or prescriptions you have, as they may contribute important information. A more focused exam may be necessary at this time as well (an abdominal exam if your primary concern is indigestion, for example). Recommendations and supplements may be given, however a more detailed treatment plan will be outlined in your second visit.

follow up visits

These visits are typically 30-45 minutes. A full, detailed physical exam may be necessary on the second visit as well as an overview of your treatment plan.

The number of visits required to achieve your goals will depend on your health concerns and how quickly you have integrated any recommendations into your life. A few visits within a couple months is common. Once we have seen improvements, visits will likely become less frequent and will start to focus on maintenance. If getting acupuncture, visits will be more frequent.

direct billing

Naturopathic Medicine is not covered under MSI however direct billing is available for several insurance plans including Blue Cross, Manulife and GWL. Please check with your insurance plan for individual details.

Fee Schedule

Initial Visit (60 minutes) - $185

1st Follow Up Visit (45 minutes) - $115

General Follow Up Visits (30 minutes) - $95 

6-12 Month Follow Up Visits (45 minutes) - $115

Acute visit (15 minutes) - $55

IV Therapy Treatment (30 minutes - existing patients only)

  • Basic Myers Cocktail (30 minutes) - $95

  • Glutathione - $15-$50

Injection visit (5 minute visit - existing patients only)- $15

  • B12 Injections - $20 (+ injection visit fee if applicable)

  • Immune Injection - $20 (+ injection visit fee if applicable)