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Summer sure has flown by! Here are some interesting links to keep you in the spirit of summer but also prep for school. 

1. Some great ideas for your children's lunches come September. 

2. Tips to enjoy summer fruit without eating too much sugar. 

3. How stress controls our sweet cravings. 

4. A guide to some hard-to-pronouce added ingredients in your food? Are they good or bad?

5. Strawberry cashew milk! Do this while the strawberries are still good. You could even make them into popsicles. 

6. Suffer from PMS? Its never a good time in the summer! Here are some natural remedies to fight it.

7. Take a break this summer. Studies show long working hours do not lead to more productivity.  

8. Finally, a great resource to get back on track with your weight and diet after indulging this summer.

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Dr. Karen

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