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From Around the Web

Some goodies from around the web this month. Happy Canada Day!

1. Some guided meditation for children who are suffering from anxiety and stress. 

2. Grass fed milk and cheese straight from the valley - you can get this at numerous places around the city. 

3. My good friends Dr. Adrienne Wood's newest go to gluten-free website. I'll be checking this one out this month. 

4. Things to avoid when eating in restaurants according to Anthony Bourdain. 

5. Keep your eyes peeled for these interesting edibles at your local farmers market. 

6. Mighty coconut oil - how do you use it? 

7. A great way to jump start eating healthy and try some superfoods this July, by holistic nutritionist Stephanie McWilliams, RD and Emily Bush.

8. Simple steps to relieve chronic pain according to Aviva Romm, MD. 

9. Organic, clean, natural beauty products locally made by the Woods Witch. 

In health & happiness, 

Dr. Karen

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