From Around the Web

1. For the foodies in the HRM - many options to enjoy great local food!

2. A step in the right direction in terms of research for Naturopathic Medicine.

3. Phytoplankton - the newest superfood? Let me know what you think.

4. Stuck in a weight rut with hypothyroidism? Read this blog post for help. (Good tips for w eight loss in general.)

5. Craving vegetable coconut curry? Look no further. 

6. Why I always stress the important of sleep - check out this infographic

7. Dreaming of summer...this recipe gets me more excited!

8. Struggling with "IBS"? It might be more than that. This is a great article written about SIBO by my colleague and friend. 

9. An intro to chakras and how to balance them with yoga.   

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Dr. Karen