From Around the Web

1. Pegan....Not vegan, not paleo, but a little in between. This is how I eat! 

2. Energy bites. To help fight off that four o'clock slump :)

3. The Pros and Cons of Juicing, and all about Coffee, according to Chris Kresser. 

4. Winter minestrone soup, because even though it says its Spring, it doesn't feel like it yet! 

5. Meditation for success...What I am up to for 21 days.

6. No time to go to the studio today? Practice yoga at your desk

7. For women - understand your body and cycle

In health & happiness,

Dr. Karen

From Around the Web

1. A podcast all about biomechanics of the body; how to use it to decrease pain, improve strength and live life to the fullest. 

2. A cilantro lime dressing that I'd like to try soon. Perhaps with fish tacos or bean chili?

3. A new food blog by my colleague and great friend, located in Windsor, NS. Dr. Adrienne Wood is vegetarian and always has something delicious up her sleeve, that she will now share with us!

4. Confused about what supplements are best for you as a women? Here is a Q&A with Aviva Romm, MD about what she suggests.  

5. A kale salad that has been saved in my phone browser for a few weeks now that looks delicious.

6. Defeating depression with yoga

7. Gut feeling: A little insight on the gut-brain connection and how it affects mood. 

8. And finally a great yoga class I did this week at home! 

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Dr. Karen

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