Food Friday: Morning Granola

Baked goods and granola are definitely a weakness of mine so when I became gluten free (yes - I do know what that means Jimmy :)) and focused on less processed sugar, I started making my own granola. Have you ever read the label of store-bought granola? It tends to have the highest amount of sugar in comparison to other (healthy) cereals, up there with fruit-loops and captain crunch. I suggest reading labels and aiming for foods, such as cereal and yogurt, to have under 5 grams of sugar. 

Pros of homemade granola:

  • All natural sugars instead of processed sugars, eg. honey and maple syrup, and you can control the amount
  • Good source of protein with nuts and seeds - helps to balance blood sugar in the morning, helps produce neurotransmitters, eg. dopamine, serotonin, important for mood
  • Eaten as a healthy breakfast with coconut milk or yogurt or as a snack on the go
  • Can mix and match depending on what you like - I love adding things like ginger, quinoa, coconut

I have my go to granola recipes that taste great but I am starting to crave something different, so I was thrilled when Ella from just put up a new recipe! I can't wait to try it this weekend. Made with buckwheat and ginger, it is gluten and nut free. Great for those of us with nut allergies and the buckwheat adds an extra crunch. There are a couple more steps involved in this recipes, compared to the usual dump stir and bake, but I'm sure it is worth it. 

There are great photos on her post so just click HERE for the recipe. Tell me what you think? 

If you are looking for a nuttier combo check out her cinnamon and pecan granola. I add a 1/4 cup raw quinoa and some shredded coconut for an extra punch. Want a little more spice, check out this spiced brain boosting granola from my fellow ND and friend Dr. Emily Munn. 

In health & happiness,

Dr. Karen