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A few things of interest from around the web this past month:

TEDx Talk about the value of SLEEP! Do you get enough?

A little insight into the FODMAP diet that is becoming more well-known for treating IBS. (Please see your local ND to discuss whether this diet is right for you.)

Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, about your brain chemistry. Not actually from this month but still interesting.

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For the foodies - Fall Butternut Squash Soup, and delicious Fried Apple Rings (I'd modify the recipe with almond or other gluten-free flour and only for a treat!). Or a guide to fall season and spice pairings

The new fitness trend - Trampoline Aerobics! Joint-friendly cardio workout for all ages. Would you try it?

Signs that your body is experiencing too much stress, courtesy of the well-respected Dr. Aviva Romm. 

What interesting things have you come across lately?

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