2019 Spring Cleanse with Dr. Karen!

*Registration OPEN*

Join Dr. Karen for her annual Spring Cleanse Program!

Improve energy, clear skin, decrease bloat, improve digestion and ultimately optimize your health! 

7 days of eliminating inflammatory foods, focusing on healthy whole foods and supporting proper detoxification.

MAY 13th-19th


Spring Cleanse

One of my passions in life is food! Therefore one of my passions in practice is proper nutrition to optimizing gut health, and elimination toxins we put in our body that weigh us down. This cleanse is the first step to either get you back on track or continue to improve your diet and health. The gut and what we eat is the root of many health problems including digestive issues, fatigue, skin issues such as eczema, autoimmune conditions and much more! I am really excited to provide this cleanse as it includes many goodies in the meal plan and videos and will hopefully help you keep moving towards a healthy diet. 

• Spring Cleanse package with meal plan & recipes - sent to you the week before it begins
• Video How To's emailed to you throughout
• Access to a Facebook support group
Optional: Detox-Pro supplement (purchased through me if in HRM or Fullscript online) - to optimize detox

*This guide is not completely vegetarian or vegan*

(All online except supplements if required)